Product Name Active Ingredient Specification Test Method
African Mango
Seed Extract
Dietary Fibre 10%,30%,50% UV
Flavones 10% UV

Brief Introduction of African Mango Seed (Irvingia Gabonensis Seed)Extract

Irvingia is a genus of African and Southeast Asian trees in the family Irvingiaceae, sometimes known by the common names wild mango, African mango, or bush mango. They bear edible mango-like fruits. The fruit is a large drupe, with fibrous flesh, and are especially valued for their dietary-fibre-, fatandprotein-rich nuts, known as ogbono, etima, odika, or dika nuts.

The study on benefits of African Mango Seed (Irvingia Gabonensis Seed) Extract

A study was conducted in the early 2009 on a 102 healthy, overweight and obese volunteers. They were split into two groups, one being given 150mg of Irvingia Gabonensis extract while the other group receiving a placebo. The main findings of this study were:
⒈ African Mango induces weight loss, volunteers dropping on average 28.16 pounds at the end of 10 weeks.
⒉ Waist size was reduced by 6.69 inches.
⒊ Total cholesterol was lowered by 26.2%.
⒋ The HDL cholesterol (the “good cholesterol”) was increased, also the adiponectin level was raised by 159%.
⒌ Glucose level cut down by 22.5%.
⒍ Fat percentage cut down by 6.3%.
⒎ C-Reactive Protein level was dropped by 52%.


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