BNP Offers ingredients for the feed industry. These ingredients can be used from pet food to race horses.

Product Name Molecular Formula Appearance Specification
CAS No.:
Betaine (hydrochlorid) C5H11NO2HCl White crystal powder ≥98%
CAS: 590-46-5
 (Chromium nicotinate) C18H12CrN3O6 Smoke gray powder  
CAS:64452-96-6 ≥98%
Chromium Picolinate Cr(C6H4NO2)3 Purple-red powder ≥98%
Dicalcium Phosphate CAS:7789-77-7 white powder ≥97%
Vitamine A CAS No.: 68-26-8 Yellow powder 50%
Feed Grade
Vitamine C CAS No.: 50-81-7 White powder  
Vitamine D3  CAS No.: 67-97-0 white to light yellow particles/powder/ 99%
Feed Grade
Vitamine E CAS No.: 59-02-9 Light yellow to brownish red viscous oil Purity: 50%
Vitamin K3 (MNB) C17 H16 N2 O6S    
White crystal powder 96%
CAS:73581-79-0   50%
Vitamin K3 (MSB) C11 H9 Na O53 H2 O White crystal powder 96%
CAS: 58-27-5 50%
DL- Methionine CAS No.: 59-51-8 White powder Purity: 99%
L-Carnitine  CAS No.: 541-15-1 White powder ≥98%
Feed Grade ≥50%
L-Lysine CAS No.: 657-27-2 White or light yellow powder ≥98.5%
Yeast Cell Walls Extract Powder CAS No.: 8013-01-2 dark brown powder crude protein: ≤30.0%
Zinc Oxide  CAS No.: 1314-13-2 white powder ≥97%
Feed Grade

Feed Ingredients

Product Name Specification  Packing
Diclazuril  96%UP 12.5KG/DRUM
Amitraz Solution  12.50% 1L/BOTTLE 
Azamethiphos  1% 25KG/DRUM  
Azamethiphos  10% 25KG/DRUM  
Cyromazine  95% 25KG/DRUM
Cyromazine Soluable Granular        2% 25KG/DRUM  
Cyromazine Premix  10% 20KG/BAG  
Cyromazine SP  50% 25KG/DRUM
Cyromazine powder  50% 25KG/BAG
Cyromazine SP  75% 25KG/DRUM
Deltamethrin  1% 1L/BOTTLE  
Diazinon  60% EC    1L/BOTTLE 
Diclazuril corn corb  0.50% 25KG/BAG 
Diclazuril Granular 0.50% 25KG/BAG
Diclazuril Powder  0.50% 25KG/BAG        
Diclazuril solution  0.50% 200KG/BARREL
Diclazuril SP powder  0.50% 25KG/BAG  
Decoquinate  premix 6% 25KG/BAG
Fenbendazole powder  5% 25KG/DRUM
Garlicin Oil  90% 200L/BARREL
Garlicin Premix  25% 25KG/BAG  
Nicarbazin Premix  20% 25KG/BAG 
Nicarbazin Premix  25% 25KG/BAG   
Oregano oil  95% 1L/BOTTLE   
Oregano oil Premix  10% 1L/BOTTLE   
Oregano oil Premix  5% 20KG/BAG  
Oregano oil solution  10% 1KG/BOTTLE
Potassium Diformate  85% 25KG/BAG       
Thiamethoxam  1% 25KG/BAG
Thiamethoxam  10% 25KG/BAG
Toltrazuril Solution  2.50% 200L/DRUM 
Compound Peroxymonosulphate Powder Active chloride10% 20KG/BAG
Lincomycin Hydrochloride-premix2.2% 2.2%+2.2% 25KG/DRUM
Spectinomycin Sulfate-premix2.2% 


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