BNP offers ingredients available for the food and beverage industry. These ingredients are high quality and can be used in all of your food and beverage products.

Fruit Juice Powder
Actinidia Juice Powder Honey peach Juice Powder
Apple Juice Powder Lemon Juice Powder
Banana Juice Powder Litchi chinensis Juice Powder
Black currants Juice Powder Mango Juice Powder
Blueberry Juice Powder Orange Juice Powder
Cantaloupe Juice Powder Pawpaw Juice Powder
Cherry Juice Powder Pear Juice Powder
Coconut Juice Powder Pineapple Juice Powder
Goji Juice Powder Strawberry Juice Powder
Grape Juice Powder Watermelon Juice Powder
Hawthorn Juice Powder  
Fruit and Vegetables Concentrate Juice
Amurgrape  Concentrate  Juice Goji concentrate juice
Asparagus Juice Lingonberry concentrate juice 
Black Garlic concentrate Juice  Pomegranate concentrate juice 
Blackcurrant  concentrate juice Raspberry concentrate juice 
Blueberry concentrate juice  Red Pimento Juice
Garlic juice sea-buckthorn concentrate juice
Ginger Juice Yellow pimento Juice
Plant Powder
Aloe Powder Green Tea Powder
Balsam Pear Powder Kelp Powder
Barley Grass Powder Lotus Leaf Powder
Beet Leaf Powder Mung Bean Powder
Broccoli Powder Mushroom Powder
Carrot Powder Oat Grass Powder
Cinnamon Powder Rhizoma Dioscoreae Powder
Ganoderma Lucidum Powder Wheat Grass Powder
Natural Color
Anthocyanin Turmeric/Curcumin
Beta-Carotenes Natural Red colors
Chlorophyll Natural Yellow colors
Lutein Natural Green colors
Lycopene Natural Blue colors
Paprika Oleoresin Natural Orange colors
Red Yeast Rice Red  
Natural Flavors & Oil
Almond Oil Nepetalactone oil
Apricot Kernal Oil Rosa damascena NO: 1   
Camellia Oil  Rose Oil
Evening Primrose Seed Oil Rosehip Oil
Flaxseed Oil Safflower Oil 
Garlic Oil Seabuckthorn Oil 
Ginger Oil Sunflower Oil 
Grape Seeds Oil  Thyme Oil
Lavender Oil Wheat-Germ Oil


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