Product Name Active Ingredient Specification Test Method
Mangosteen P.E  Polyphenols 10%, 30% , 40% UV
Mangosteen P.E Alpha-Mangostin 10%, 30% , 50% , 60% , 80% , 95% , 98% HPLC
Mangosteen P.E   Xanthones 10%, 30% , 50% , 60% , 80% , 95%, 98% HPLC
Mangosteen P.E      5:1, 10:1, 20:1  100% water soluble  HPLC


Mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana) is a tropical evergreen tree native to Southeast Asia, with deep reddish purple fruit. The mangosteen fruit is known as the "Queen of Fruits", while durian (Durio spp.) is known as the "King of Fruits". Despite the name, this tree is not related to the mango. Higher ORAC and Xanthone Content-BNP carefully researched ingredients high in antioxidant activity and selected only the best for this formula.

Medicinal Actions and Uses

Mangosteen is touted for its antioxidants, especially xanthones (a type of chemical in certain plants). Independent scientific research studies showed that Mangosteen contains more than 40 xanthones - roughly 20% of about 200 xanthones found in nature. The Mangosteen is the single, most abundant source of xanthones known to science. A number of these xanthones were demonstrated in scientific studies to be even more potent antioxidant than vitamins C and E, two of the most powerful.

The Garcinia mangostana Linn tree (A), the appearance of mangosteen fruit (B)

and the chemical structures of xanthones included in the pericarps (C).


Effect of xanthones on cell cycle progression.

Cited from Internation Journal of Molecular Sciences ISSN 1422-0067
α-Mangostin-induced apoptosis in cells.

Like many other plants, extracts of mangosteen have shown in lab tests that they can stop certain bacteria and fungi from growing. One lab study suggested that mangosteen extract inhibits the growth of acnecausing bacteria. It has not been tested on people to find out if it helps acne in humans. In a lab dish, it also showed activity that slowed the growth of certain cancer cells. A small study on cancer inhibition in rats suggested that the rind of the mangosteen might reduce the risk of cancer cell growth in the bowel. However, mangosteens cancer inhibitory effect has not been tested in humans. 

Product Actions and Properties:

Anti-aging Anti-cancer
Support microbiological balance 
Help the immune system
Improve joint flexibility
Provide mental support
Help diarrhea
Help infections
Help tuberculosis

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