Ginger Powder


Product Details

Introducing Our Product - Ginger Powder:

At BNP, we've captured the essence of ginger in our innovative product – Ginger Powder. What sets our offering apart is the cutting-edge technology we employ in its production: Low Temperature Vacuum Dry. This advanced process ensures that our ginger powder preserves the authentic taste of fresh ginger while offering a range of exceptional advantages.


Key Advantages of Our Ginger Powder:

Rich Color: Our low-temperature vacuum drying method preserves the natural, golden color of ginger, ensuring that the powder maintains an enticing visual allure reminiscent of freshly harvested roots.

Authentic Taste: By utilizing low temperatures in the production process, we safeguard the authentic taste of ginger. Our Ginger Powder captures the true essence of the spice, providing a burst of natural flavor that mirrors the freshness of raw ginger.

Cold Water Solubility: A standout feature of our Ginger Powder is its remarkable solubility in cold water. This attribute enhances its versatility, allowing for easy integration into various products without compromising on taste or texture.


Versatile Applications:

Explore the diverse applications of our Ginger Powder, offering a taste of spice with a touch of wellness:

Healthcare Foods: Elevate the nutritional profile of healthcare foods by incorporating our Ginger Powder, enhancing both flavor and potential health benefits

Dietary Supplements: Craft delicious and effective dietary supplements infused with the natural goodness of ginger using our premium powder.

Sport Nutrition: Provide athletes and fitness enthusiasts with a source of essential nutrients and ginger flavor by seamlessly integrating our easily soluble Ginger Powder into their nutrition plans.

Baby Food: Ensure even the youngest members of the family receive a spice-infused nutritional boost by including our Ginger Powder in baby food formulations.